Thursday, 7 March 2013

HANG IN.... Healsville and the Yarra Valley this long weekend or at least visit! Ok. So its close, about 45 minutes along Maroondah Hwy. Seriously, if you havent been (loser!). 

You are SO missing out. Here are the MUST visit attractions. Healseville Hotel for lunch (256 Marrondah hwy), sit inside in the Bistro or outside in the sunny courtyard. The food is 'to die for'. Something for all, real comfort food. Take a scroll around the local shops....Kennedy & Wilson chocolates, Kitchen & Butcher, fabulous Op shops & more. Then drive down to Chandon Winery (727 Maroondah hwy), relax in a lounge chair on the magnificent lawn and have a 'tasting' (4 half glasses of champagne/wine) while soaking in the stunning view. When its time to leave pit stop at Yarra Valley Dairy (70 McMeakins rd, Yering) and visit the cheese shop for take home delights & a tasting. Yum. Now my family & I have experienced this numerous times & its a winner each and every time for the kids & all. Ps. Make sure you have a delegated driver so you can really enjoy. 

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