Thursday, 16 May 2013


Is anyone listening?

You asked. You demanded. You pleaded. Iconic Australian womenswear designer Jenny Bannister returns - and it's a corker. 
The over 40s womenswear market $$$$$$$

Attention all retailers and designers of womenswear: ever wondered why you are not making great sales?

Did you know that Mummy owns her house, drives a prestige car, drinks empty calories and loves fashion but you are only offering her unstylish polyester landfill to clothe her body?
What an insult!

Mummy's waist, thighs and knees look hideous in the upmarket youth attire, found in the big stores that are moaning about slow sales. And the staff can't help her when she visits, which infuriates her more.

I know some women who spend $76 an hour with a personal trainer twice a week, so they can actually wear good clothes. Money is not the problem.

You buyers out there, who think the fatter the customer, the less money she has to spend, look at Gina Reinhardt and Red Bond you lot.

Enquiring around my 40s to 60s women friends of many backgrounds; I know exactly what they want and the acceptable price point.

Dresses, got that!

Quality, mainly natural fabrics in interesting and flattering colours. Beware, pale colours make us look bigger.
Classic styling and tailoring with stylish on trend touches. No frills or asymmetric hemlines, she hates all that cheap jersey muck.
Sleeves of all lengths are a must!
Cover the knee, we can always take the hem up if our knees are still great with a flared or A-line skirt, thank you.

This forgotten market segment needs this dress for daywear, to wear at work, lunch and dinner. 
And they think those "big size shops "are DOWDY. In my survey, Feathers and Etal were the only labels discussed with love.

But we need more, this market segment is growing like the cupcake craze.

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