Saturday, 11 May 2013

NOW CHECK OUT MY HORRID/BIG MISS/WHAT WAS SHE THINKING LIST FROM THE MET BALL 2013.... Ok. You've waited long enough. Now its time to see the choices for my WTF went wrong list. All that money. Access to the best stylists. Figures to die for. Designers knocking down doors to dress you. And then this....

Queen of Pop. NOT fashion.

Seriously Ms.Minaj.

New Delhi Princess?

Character from a horror movie?

I dont care that this is Versace.
It's BAD.

I used to LOVE you Linda.
But what the....

Carine....SO SO wrong.

Nicole you are my idol....but this hair?

I just want to cook these two my
Cassoulet. They need it.

Gwen, Gwen. 40+ and a Mamma.
Think about it.

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