Monday, 11 March 2013

STAY COOL BY.... Well, that's a good question now isn't it?? Over the last few days this is what I have attempted to do in order to remain at a decent body temperature despite the overwhelming heat:
1. Swim at your local council Pool (my favourite is definitely Harold Holt. Shade, heated water & fab new cafe).
2. Shop. Anywhere air conditioned. Retail therapy cures all. 
3. Go see a movie. A long one. Air conditioned entertainment. 
4. Spend the night at a hotel. 5 star of course....dah. Air conditioned....sleep, restaurants, pool, mani/pedi, bowling, drinks & shops to boot. Who cares what the temperature is outside!
Ps. I want to be her. Snow falling. Dressed for style &
 warmth. Boy how we look so much better in Winter. 
Now if you have any ideas for me PLEASE leave a comment on my post. As I'm sure you can tell I hate this heatwave. The only time it works for me is at my favourite resort, lounging by the pool, pina colada in hand. Voila. 

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