Tuesday, 9 April 2013

BUY A KOBO & READ THESE BOOKS.... I bought myself a Kobo Glo (an ereader) in December & its the best thing iv bought in a long time. Its made reading a breeze. Im not so sure how to explain it, but iv gone from a book a month (or so) to one a week. Its light, it's small, I can choose my font size (the bigger the font the faster I read!) and most importantly....it has a brilliant back light for reading in the dark. No more lamps, no more waking the hubby and because its so light I can lie any which way & read easily. The battery lasts ages, days, weeks, depending on how much you read. I take it everywhere, just throw it into my handbag. Perfect for half time at my kids (3) soccer games a week. Im in love. Do yourself a favour & grab one. About $149 from JB HiFi. Once you've got it, download these reads....so good. Happy reading!

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