Sunday, 7 April 2013

SPEND THE DAY IN THE CITY.... How often do you go into the City. Melbourne CBD. My answer, not enough. Yours probably the same?? So yesterday my daughter & I hit the CBD. No need for a car, hopped on the train & we were in the heart of it all in under 10 minutes. Where to start I thought, too much of the good stuff here, but with only 6 hrs to spare. So 1st stop. The GPO. I could live here. I love it. Beautiful architecture, amazing stores and  not so commercial. Perfection. Next a look at our city department stores, wow so much has changed (and some things haven't, still totally shit service). Lots of range, heaps of brand exposure and great bargains (because they're always on sale!). 
Then onto The Candy Room. This shop is awesome, a must for the school holidays and any Willy Wonka lover. The interior design is outstanding and the selection will satisfy even the professional sweet tooth. Choose your own M&M colours, hard o find American candy and all the old favourites from my childhood.

When you're hungry, there is only one place to visit....Mekong Vietnamese (Swanston st). Even Bill Clinton is a fan. Authentic. Fresh. Cheap. Fast. And always over flowing with happy customers. Best Beef Pho ever. And order the Mango Ice Crush. Yum. 
Ok. So now its time for a walk down Melbourne's gorgeous art covered laneways. Take the kids. Take some pics. Stunning. Fun. Serious talent. And while you're there a perfect coffee from our famous Degreaves Street vendors. Really could this day get any better? Well check in for my next city trek. Chinatown. Lt.collins st. Christine Barro's underground heaven, QVB and more. 

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  1. Lisa Duperouzel12 April 2013 at 21:03

    They sound like great spots to explore & take our many visitors. Loved Degraves St, went to Degraves espresso & enjoyed yummy coffee while we sat on the recycled cinema seats & benches from a former magistrates court..something different! X