Sunday, 28 April 2013

GET BANGS.... There's no denying it. Bangs make you look younger. End of story. If you're feeling a little drab. The kids are calling you 'old'. A little daggy, not with it? Off to the hairdresser asap & cut that fringe. Its a pain free, low cost, self esteem boost. Who doesn't want to rock a good head of hair. I get lazy, grow it out, start pinning it back & basically let it look like a 'mum'. Aaargh. Perfect reason to head to the salon NOW. I'm booked in for bangs, go on....take a risk. You wont regret it. Just check out these word. HOT. 

Perfect Jess.

Hot Mamma Nic.

Beautiful RiRi.

Ms. Alba. Thank you.

German Goddess. Ms Klum.

Super successful Tyra.

Jess again. HOT. JT thinks so.

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