Friday, 26 April 2013

ROCK A STYLISH KID.... Ok. So I love a stylish kid. Well dressed. Original. One that doesnt look like a mini adult (so wrong). Kids with their own style. Kids should look like kids. Fun. Colour. Cool. Not doled up too much. Also a pet in too small clothes. Too short. Too tight. After thought clothes. Kids deserve to look good. They shine when well dressed. My kids love to look good. My mother always had me looking good. Its a pride thing. I want my kids to feel as great as I do when I look good. (Though Friday nights at home remain trackie & ugg night. Yep, even out to the local Chinese. My 'French' husband thinks this is ridiculous. Oh well. He sucks it up). Go have a little fun. Heaps of cool, fun, super affordable stuff out there. Look at these pics & be inspired!
Style Blogger....Mini Tommy Ton

Mini me.....

This one has my genes (not jeans).

Future dot com billionaire....

Creative Director of..she'll choose.

David Beckham?

The perfect husband.

JayZ is my dad. Bey is my Ma. We rule.

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