Thursday, 18 April 2013

GO SHOPPING. FOR ANY THING.... Here's the thing. I dont really need much of a reason to shop. But if you do, here are a couple good ones. Its getting colder & last years jumpers are....well, last years? You're bored & need something to You're feeling blue & need a quick fix....hello retail therapy! Anyway, you get where im heading. So here are some of my recent finds (purchases). And all Australian brands. These are all beautiful labels & stores with genuine product. Support Australian & shop local brands, even just sometimes. 
Oi Oi Oi. 

Banjo & Matilda Peace Out 100% Cashmere Jumper

Banjo & Matilda Sweet Liberty 100% Cashmere Jumper

67 Flat Ankle Boot Ebony M boutique Hawksburn Village 

Guardian Jacket. Saxony 
Haguro Skirt. Saxony
Helen Kaminski Felt Wool 'Alma' Hat

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