Saturday, 25 May 2013

BUY A PIZZA MAKER.... These are seriously great. Don't know how I could live without one. My girlfriend lent me one to try, as I'm ususally not a gadget person. I cant stand useless things in the kitchen. Plug ins that look good but you only use once a year & they take ages to clean. Eg. Popcorn maker, Slushie maker, Waffle maker, thank you Santa! But the Pizza Maker. Brilliant. Costs about $120 & boy does it get used. We buy ready made bases (they are best super thin, Italian style). You spoon over some tomato paste or puree, thinly sliced double smoked ham, a scattering of pineapple, then cover with shredded mozarella & a drizzle of galic infused oil. YUM. In fact add whatever you fancy. We love a Hawaiian. And if you have a load of starving teens flying through your house (like I do), its so economical & they think I'm 'ace'. Find one at Minimax, House, Essential Ingredient or any kitchen supply store. Saturday night homemade pizza & the footy. Perfect. 

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