Monday, 27 May 2013

GET SOME PRINT & COLOUR INTO YOUR LIFE.... I absolutely love colour and prints. On my clothes, shoes, artwork, furniture, on the kids, on my man, even in the form of graffiti on a lane way wall. It says HAPPY to me. I love that Melbourne is no longer black & if you visit the creative North side of our river (Fitzroy, Northcote, Clifton Hill) you'll see it everywhere. On people, the streets & cafes. 
Black is common. Easy. Unimaginative. Everyone can do black well. But only the stylish & creative understand colour. 
Look at these examples of colour in its best forms & see if I can inspire you?? Have a happy colour filled week. Mwah. 
Gorman Limited Edition Mohair Blanket

Gorman Printed Puffer Vest

Missioni Homewares Ottoman

Artwork from Fenton&Fenton

Dinosaurs Designs

Old style school satchel?  Love.

Fenton&Fenton Armadale

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