Monday, 13 May 2013

WATCH THIS MOVIE.... I love a wedding movie. Doesn't everyone? It reminds me of a few months before I got married, and watching Steve Martin in 'Father of the Bride'. Do you remember Franck the wedding planner? So funny. Well there's a newby on the screen. The Big Wedding. And it has the biggest cast ever. De Niro. Robin Williams. Susan Sarandon (love her). Diane Keaton. Katherine Heigl & Amanda Seyfreid. 
The film follows Alejandro who is engaged to Missy, who asks his adopted parents (De Niro & Keaton) to pretend for the sake of his Colombian birth mother who us coming to America for the wedding, that they are still happily married despite having been divorced for a long time. 
Grab a girlfriend & head to Cinema Palace. A glass of vino, comfy seats & two cheap, fun filled hours of entertainment. 

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